February 29, 2024
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Duplicate content If content on different

It can lead to duplicate content issues. Search engines may have difficulty determining which page is the most relevant. And may choose not to index all pages or penalize the site for duplicate content. Loss of links and authority if in the seo pagination process the pages are not correctly. Linked to each other or are not managed properly. A loss of internal links and page authority may occur. This can negatively impact the seo performance. Of individual pages and the site as a whole.

Paginated pages is similar or Identical

Strategies for pagination are not applied correctly. This can affect the user experience. If pages don’t load correctly. Aren’t properly linked. Or don’t offer clear Indonesia WhatsApp Number Data navigation. users may have difficulty finding the content they’re looking for. Which can lead to a high bounce rate and lower engagement. Infinite Scroll is use. The infinite scroll can have different advantages for users. As users will be able to. Navigate through a continuous list of products without having to click on additional pages. In this way we avoid interrupting user navigation.

Performance of the website and Increase

 In addition, scrolling will show more products. Than those that appear on a single page. In this way. A greater amount of a store’s stock can be display. From an Japan Whatsapp Number seo point of view. Since the search engine will not scroll and will not index all the products on the page. It is essential that all products appear without scrolling in any category. Which can affect the consumption of server resources. If you are going to opt for infinite scroll in your online store. You must properly optimize the performance and loading speed.  It also helps improve efficiency by eliminating irrelevant. Unprofitable keywords and continuously testing and adjusting for better results.

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