February 27, 2024
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Discover the best gardens and parks in Barcelona

The garden of the Palau de les Heures Barcelona is full of parks and gardens that stand out for their beauty and exclusivity.  Discover the best gardens and parks in Barcelona below. In Barcelona, we find gardens that differ either because of the vegetation, because of their distribution, or because of the species that grow in them. We also find gardens of different types: more urban in appearance, aimed at the enjoyment of citizens; more forested with large extensions far from the city core; or with an immovable landscape structure that must represent the original because it is part of the history of the city.

The Citadel Park

Let’s start with one of the most emblematic parks in Barcelona. The Ciudadela Park dates back to 1872; it was a project by José Fontseré, who was helped, at that time, by a still-young Antoní Gaudí. It has a central square with a ring road; its imposing  Brazil WhatsApp Number Data monumental waterfall stands out with impressive fountains that have their own dragons and other ornamental sculptures; and it also offers its visitors the possibility of a boat ride on one of its two artificial lakes. . Within its enclosure, we will find the current headquarters of the Parliament of Catalonia as well as the Barcelona Zoo, which receives numerous visits a year.


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The garden of the Palau de les Heures

It is one of those little-known gardens in Barcelona, and yet it has an intoxicating charm. The garden of the Palau de les Heures, at the foot of the Collserola mountain range, as its name indicates, is the garden of a majestic palace, built with Brazil Phone Number List  four cylindrical towers and adorned with realistic-style sculptures by the artist Josep Campeny. In it, we will find numerous aromatic plants as well as springs and ponds surrounded by cypresses, cedars, palm trees, acacias, beautiful magnolias, and even fruit plants such as orange trees.

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