February 27, 2024
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Do you have your own car helps a lot with your routine. You can go to work with it and go on unforgettable trips, tours, and other activities. To avoid headaches and ensure good car availability, taking it to the mechanic every now and then is essential. However, the question arises: is just carrying out the annual review enough? In this post, we will show that this number should not be the rule for all vehicles. After all, there are older cars, newer models, and differences in systems. To understand more about the review, continue reading.

Why is it dangerous to only have an annual car inspection?

There is a myth that an annual inspection is enough to leave your vehicle in good condition. While this may be true of new cars, just Denmark WhatsApp Number Data remember that not every car is the same. This doesn’t just come down to the model but also the time of use. When it comes to having your car serviced, mileage should be the most important criterion. The “lifetime” of the car is what influences which aspects should be taken into consideration.

How often should you check your car?


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If you use your car frequently and still have to face some streets and highways in poor condition, the ideal is to have it serviced every 6 months or when you reach the 10,000-kilometer driving mark. When one of these conditions China Phone Number List occurs, take the car to the repair shop. The most important thing is to understand that subjecting your car to just one inspection per year is very dangerous, whether in used cars or in that new vehicle that you purchased very recently.

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