February 27, 2024
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Do you need It is important to remember that the vehicle cannot have fines or taxes.  Have administrative or judicial restrictions. With the authorization in hand, you must take the vehicle to a workshop specializing in CNG, which has a license and registration. The cost to remove the system is approximately R$400, and takes around 2 hours to do. The workshop must issue an invoice for the service, so that the next step can be carried out: the vehicle safety inspection.

How is the fine for going the wrong way?

The fine occurs when the driver drives the wrong way in two directions or when he does so on roads regulate for one direction. It is Sweden WhatsApp Number Data often common for people to believe that “no one saw” the incident, since there was no approach. However, checking is also done using cameras and radars. Thus, the driver ends up being surprise with a fine notification a few days after the incident. In relation to driving on the wrong side of the road in two directions, there is an exception.


WhatsApp Number List


Changes to CBT

In 2021, some important changes were made to CBT. Before them, each driver who reached 20 points, within a period of 12 months, would have their license immediately suspended. After the changes, the suspension began to take place in Brazil Telegram Number a staggered manner. In this sense, the driver only loses his license with 20 points if he accumulates 2 or more very serious infractions. Anyone who reaches 30 points and a very serious infraction will also have their license suspended. Those who reach 40 points also lose it, regardless of the existence or not of a very serious infraction. However, it is necessary to remember that drivers who carry out paid work, such as taxi drivers and Uber drivers,

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