February 27, 2024
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Electrification of mechanical components

The electrification of hydraulic or purely mechanical system components brings benefits to the consumer, such as lower fuel consumption and a reduction in preventive maintenance. It has been a while since several automotive components stop being purely mechanical and gain some type of assistance. One of the most common these days are electric steering. Another, more recent, are water pumps. The great advantage of electrifying mechanical components is the total absence of preventive maintenance. Repair is also simple, with the replacement of the engine’s electrical components when it burns out or enters a short circuit.

Electric pump

Electric water pumps are more recent components, which equip more modern internal combustion vehicles, hybrid vehicles, and 100% electric vehicles, which have a liquid cooling system for the batteries and, therefore, require a Vietnam WhatsApp Number Data water pump. . The biggest advantage of electric pumps over mechanical pumps in internal combustion vehicles is better control of engine temperature, since electric pumps are able to distribute the cool liquid more evenly between the engine cylinders. Another advantage is being able to install the electric pump anywhere on the engine, and not just at the front, as is the case with mechanical pumps.


WhatsApp Number List


All about brake pads: how to avoid and identify wear?

Create at the end of the 19th century and present in vehicles since the 1950s, disc brakes were a major evolution of automobiles and allow for safer and more reliable braking. In this sense, changing brake pads is essential for the maintenance China Telegram Number and safety of this system and, for this reason, it is necessary to pay attention to signs of wear to ensure the proper functioning of the entire set. Throughout this text, you will learn about some types of pads and their materials, understand how they work, when they need to be replace and how to replace them, as well as see what precautions should be taken to avoid premature wear.

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