February 27, 2024
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The Fiat 500e is one of those niche cars that you can’t help but like. Subcompact, it’s easy to find where to park. Electric, travels up to 260km on a full battery charge. It doesn’t pollute or emit greenhouse gases, it’s silent and very smart in urban traffic. It drives well on the road too, despite the maximum speed limitation, at 150km/h. We evaluated the model that is sold in a single version, 500e Icon, which costs R$258,478. A small fortune for such a small car, but that’s the price of technology and, moreover, design. The 500e is powered by an electric motor with 118 hp and 22.4 kgfm of maximum torque. Small and weak, but sufficient. It is powered by a set of 42kWh batteries, with consumption declared by the automaker to be 14kWh every 100km. Accelerates from 0 to 100km/h in just 9 seconds. There are, of course, more agile options with better internal space, with a similar price.


After just a few hours of starting the evaluation test of the new Chevrolet Montana, it became clear that the manufacturer spared no effort to present the consumer with a differentiated product. But, despite being very reminiscent of Fiat’s Toro pickup truck, the similarities are limited to the front of the car, with the two-piece optical assembly, with DLR Lebanon WhatsApp Number Data on the hood line and the headlight just below, and, of course, the silhouette of average pickup truck. The main attraction of the unit evaluated was its comfort. The pickup didn’t make any strange noises. And that really caught our attention. Therefore, consumers should be careful when taking a test drive before purchasing. Another item that caught attention was the sound of the engine, 1.2 liter, flex, turbo, with 133/132 hp of power (ethanol/gasoline) at 5500 rpm, and maximum torque of 21.4/19.4 kgfm (e/g ) at 2000 rpm. It is a 3-cylinder, very compact and light, which emits a characteristic, harsh and slightly strange, but pleasant noise.


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At the wheel

Driving the new Chevrolet Montana is quite pleasant, despite not being a very exciting car when accelerating or regaining speed. The car has height and depth adjustment for the steering wheel, which ensures you find the ideal driving position. Thanks to the well-balanced suspension, the car behaves well in curves, even empty. Of course, the Russia Phone Number List stability control and torque vectoring systems help, but it’s a car in your hands, all the time. Unfortunately, it doesn’t have 4×4 traction, which prevents driving on rougher terrain and low grip, but for anyone using the car on paved or dirt roads, you won’t have any problems. The version evaluated was the top of the range, Premier, which costs R$ 142,520, and is complete, with standard accessories such as cruise control with speed limiter, blind spot warning, reversing camera, automatic headlight switching, multimedia system with wireless smartphone mirroring (Android and Apple), inductive smartphone charging (wireless), as well as USB ports on the front and rear.

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