March 21, 2023
Special Database

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An example of what the connection should look like Import reis Import sqlite def get my friends connection sqlite  connect database database db cursor connection cursor reis client reis. Reis в  cache value reis client get user. if cache value is database service so you don’t waste time looking for solutions on your own setting up databases and creating backups. not None return json loads cache value cursor execute Select id name. FROM users result cursor fetchall reis clientset user json dumps result cursor close reis client close return result In combat projects this construction must at least be wrappe in a try except.

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Conclusion Using Reis in projects helps to offload the main database and manage server resources more efficiently. Reis implementation helps high load systems to provide a high level of service to all clients. Take advantage of Selectel’s cloud We use passwords to login to social meia account mail Selectel control panel. Using a password you can also access a rente server. This however has significant drawbacks. We will talk about them and a more secure alternative Special Database SSH keys in the text. Passwords their features and disadvantages The login password combination is use for authorization in the system. Simply put in order for the application the operating system everything that stands behind the password entry window to understand that you are really you. Passwords are familiar and simple. But their use entails a number of disadvantages The password can be chosen.

Special Database

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We often set passwords that are easy to remember. So these are some combinations of words or numbers. There are ways to create a more secure password use a random set of letters and numbers generate a long password. But this leads to the next problem. Secure passwords especially if there are many are almost impossible to remember . As BM Leads a result if you still forgot one of them you will have to spend time and effort on recovery. Often just because of point people stop the same verifie password for many accounts. As a result if the password leaks the attacker will gain access to several of your accounts at once . Finally a bunch of login password can be spie on . Now let’s imagine that you have a server park where the company’s critical services are locate. Each server has a separate password they nee to be written down somewhere store.

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