February 27, 2024
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Factory customization can be even more awesome. A master at presenting vehicles specially prepar to attract attention,  invests heavily in the Mopar brand, inherit from Chrysler. With each launch of new models, presents a show car. The last one was the Fiat Fastback, equipped with original accessories and exclusive items such as raised edge mats, rubber mats with carpet for the floor, graphic details from the Fastback’s interior, sill protectors, and 3M film on the windows.

Sales increase

Original accessories have been consider an important factor in the increase in sales of brand new cars. In 2021, Chevrolet Indonesia WhatsApp Number Data record growth of over 20% in the average purchase price for these products. Customization items, pet safety, travel comfort, pickup truck equipment, and protective equipment are the main accessories sought after by customers, according, explains that the main advantage of using original accessories is safety, as they are develop together with the vehicle.


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Unfortunately, performance lovers still do not have, in Brazil, original product lines to enhance the vehicle’s performance since Indonesia Phone Number List Brazilian legislation restricts the offer of this type of accessory to automakers, which are limit to offering comfort and security. Tartaglia comments that the accessories most sold are insulation film, multimedia equipment, carpets, and alarms, among others, such as Santo Antônio, for pickup trucks. “Pickups are the vehicles that consume the most original accessories,” reveals the executive.


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