February 29, 2024
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Google Ads used in display Campaigns

 Image ads Google Ads image ads are a form of visual advertising. Advertising that displays an attractive image of your product or service. They are static in JPG or PNG format. or animated graphics in GIF format. Its main advantages are. They allow you to show your product or service in a visual way; they also allow you to reach customers on Google Partner websites. This type of advertising allows you to reach relevant audiences with visually appealing ads on millions of websites, apps, and Google properties like YouTube to achieve your marketing goals.

Broader audience than Google search

Additionally. These campaigns are an excellent way to expand your coverage and stay top of mind. App promotion ads. Its main advantages are: They can send customers to an app store to download your app or include a deep link that takes Oman WhatsApp Number Data customers directly to the app itself. They help you reach customers when they search on Google, including Google Play, as well as on apps and websites associated with Google. Keep in mind that ads will only appear on devices where your content can be displayed.

WhatsApp Number List

This type of Google Ads

Ad is used in app campaigns, which help you find new app users and increase sales within your app. Video ads Google Ads video ads are an effective Belgium Phone Number way to promote your brand and products through online video platforms such as YouTube. They can be published independently or embedded in streaming video content. Its main advantages are: Neoattack They offer a rich and interactive experience to customers. They allow you to reach customers on Google partner websites. Video campaigns allow you to show video ads on YouTube and other websites.

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