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Own expertise in different packages and commercialize the service through, for example, hourly pricing. Note, however, that the Manager’s job is only to tell the client what to do and not to do the work for him. The online business manager’s hourly charge can be 24–60 €/h, in which case he can take on more clients per month. The monthly invoicing can thus rise up to 4,000–10,000 euros. package prices are €350-750/month, so if he has 10 customers, he earns €3,500-7,500/month.

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14. Social Media Manager A Social Media Manager can offer a very small-scale service, such as scheduling social media latest database posts and responding to comments, or a broader entity, such as building an entire social media strategy and helping an entrepreneur implement it. Social Media Manager can also study what kind of posts get the most comments and reactions and build an individual campaign around that. At this point, you take at most two social platforms (FB, IG, LinkedIn, Google+, Twitter…) and build your own expertise around them.

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The more you know about the social platform in question, the better results you can give your customers. Social Media Manager can either charge an hourly rate or make a package that the customer pays monthly. The hourly price can be 15–40 €/h, while the monthly billing package can be 150–600 € per month. In this case, the Social Media Manager can earn an BM Leads average of 2,000–6,000 € per month. 15. Virtual assassin The role of the virtual assistant is to take care of daily or weekly “running” matters. For example, my assar proofreads posts and e-books and takes care of invoicing.

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