He updating of documents by the firm

Tax and fiscal documentation available at any time. In a reserved area.  With the possibility of downloading the files onto a pc or tablet .  With an sms or an  he updating of documents by the firm email. Reminding him of the f24 or expiring commitments. Customers  have access with a personal login to the reserved area and to the  personal document folder  . Through the recognition of a health card or registration email . Customers can access a specific section of the site reserved for them. Consult their clinical situation and the agenda of appointments 

Financial statements and more

Financial statements and more) and  can proceed with the upload of new documents . The firm will be automatically updated via email on the successful deposit .The pluses: fast upload of documents with “Drag & drop” systemProfessional studio he updating of documents by the firm  operators can drag the client’s documents into the interactive area of the website and publish them Any institutional channels of the study are  advertised on the main social networks. As an option. There is a  specific studio channel on the youtube portal . Useful for publishing and disseminating videos. This channel.Can be emphasized within the website with a special viewer with a real webtv of the studio.

new data

Both via email and via sms messages

Both via email and via sms messages. By selecting groups of customers by type. Region. Province. City. Postal code. Or other dimension to be defined. It is possible to send circulars BM Leads  or alert messages. Fixed deadlines. Etc.  The he updating of documents by the firm  website provides options for sharing/ promoting the website on the main social networks to develop the popularity of the firm through the network of relationships of the users themselves. At the same time

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