April 8, 2023
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Take care of an attractive presentation that will help convince the client. Doubts Doubts are a natural reaction, especially when the client faces the vision of a large expense. It is difficult to talk about them in terms of obstacles. They also allow you to get information about what customers expect and what concerns they have – on this basis, you can modify the offer in the future. 6. Closing the sale What seems to the layman to be the only element of the sales process is actually the culmination of a long road that begins with the identification of a potential customer.

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Follow-up Contact the customer after the sales process is complete. You will get feeback that may be useful to you in the future. In addition, the client will be please that you care for him. Perhaps he will decide to buy another one? In this database way, the customer lifetime value and your profits potentially increase. Planning the stages of the sales process Some sellers claim that the division into individual stages of the sales process is artificial. They’re fine without him. The truth is, however, that in order to break the rules, you must first know them well.


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Rather, it is advisable to learn all the steps outline above, and even close a few sales this way, before deciding to go your own way. Selling process As in many areas of life, the unknown scares you the most. Lack of preparation can make the customer’s doubts completely undo all previous efforts of the seller. However, if he is aware that this BM Leads is just a natural part of the sales process, he can plan ways to deal with objections. It is also impossible to throw yourself off balance even in the most nervous situation. We recommend Conversion funnel – how to build it in your industry? Dealing with objections can be practice, for example, in pairs, where one salesperson “plays” a difficult customer, and the other counters his arguments in turn.

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