February 27, 2024
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Suddenly, the car’s steering wheel becomes heavy, very heavy. On the floor, a huge puddle of hydraulic fluid , something desperate. When diagnosing the defect, it is discover that the problem was cause by a small rubber part; the O-ring that seals the system has broken. This is just one example of a problem that a small piece of rubber can cause. In the case of hydraulic steering, the damage is negligible. But, did you know that the Challenger rocket disaster in January 1986 was caused by the failure of an O-ring? The component froze, lost its sealing properties, and the result was the aircraft exploding minutes after takeoff, killing all the astronauts. Yes. This little eraser can cause big problems. The paternity of the O-ring is controversial. The first patent dates back to the end of the 19th century, by the Swedish JO Lundberg.

What is an O-ring?

The O-ring is one of the simplest precision mechanical components ever develop, while also being one of the most critical. It is an elastic polymer in the shape of the letter ‘O’, which allows a mechanical seal to contain liquids or gases. It is typically Malaysia WhatsApp Number Data in a groove, compress between a piston and cylinder, but is also use to seal static or immovable circular joints between metal components. The fundamental characteristic of modern O-rings is the material they are made of: rubber. Synthetic rubber Initially, O-rings were made from vulcaniz rubber, but with technological advances, rings began to be produce with high-performance synthetic rubbers, which have more elastic and durable properties.


WhatsApp Number List



The scene is common in large urban centers. Driver stopp at traffic lights, suddenly hears a loud crack and like lightning a hand invades the car, grabs the cell phone and thousands of pieces of glass cover the passenger seat. This type of robbery is Saudi Arabia Phone Number List increasingly common, unfortunately. An alternative to mitigate this problem is anti-vandalism film. The more fortunate opt for total vehicle armor. However, full armor is expensive and is not the appropriate solution for all types of vehicles, as it adds weight. The advantage is the high level of protection, especially against firearm shots.

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