February 27, 2024
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Motorcycle dashboards have never been the vehicle’s biggest attraction, but nowadays motorcycle manufacturers have surrendered to the global trend of connectivity. A success in automobiles, multimedia centers equipped with smartphone mirroring are already part of the reality of some motorcycle models, which are normally integrated into the dashboard for reasons of physical space.

The motorcycle’s dashboard

The motorcycle’s dashboard had some analog clocks to indicate speed and engine speed and a few lights to inform neutral gear position and directional Italy WhatsApp Number Data arrows; today, they are true tablets with a color, touch-sensitive screen, and a generous size. Connectivity then becomes a natural evolution of this equipment. Nothing is fairer than having the motorcycle’s dashboard talk to the smartphone’s screen and playing some of the main applications used by motorcyclists, such as Waze, Spotify, WhatsApp, and making calls, among others.


WhatsApp Number List


Chinese solution

More recently, Zontes, a Chinese brand that has just arrived in Brazil with three models of medium-displacement motorcycles, through JTZ Motors, which sells the brands Suzuki, Haojue, Kymco, and Hisun, also has a TFT panel that allows Latvia Phone Number List smartphone mirroring. However, the mirroring model adopted by the Chinese company is different; it does not use apps for the iOS and Android operating systems but rather its own app that copies the cell phone screen onto the motorcycle’s dashboard through a direct Wi-Fi connection. -fi. The advantage is that it does not require the use of wires, but to work well, the cell phone must always be in a horizontal position.

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