February 29, 2024
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In the case of pagination in online stores

 If they use pagination. Uers will have greater control over navigation. These will have buttons or links to go forward or back between the different pages. This way. they will be able to search for previous products and the product list will have a clear structure. Additionally. by only having to load products on one page at a time. you can achieve optimal website performance as well as more efficient resource consumption. Likewise. it will also be possible to divide the products into more manageable categories . which will make organization and understanding for users easier.

Pagination friendly for Search Engines

Blog pagination If you want to bet on pagination in online stores. you must take into account the SEO strategy. to make like Google. This can be done India WhatsApp Number Data using the canonical tag. which indicates within a set of pages. with similar or identical content. which one is the main or most important one and which is considered the ‘priority’. Of course. many times Google does not obey this indication. only doing so when it deems appropriate. One of the main factors for this is that the content of the page indicated as canonical is very similar to that of the page indicated as canonical.

Duplicate content is not Generated

With this. When paginating online stores using this tag. We may not be able to ensure that the content of the second page is similar to that of page 3. Which Italy Whatsapp Number means that we will have to give each page its own canonical. On the other hand. With the classic method. With meta-tags. Known as ‘noindex. Follow’ we will tell google that the pages are not indexed. But that their links are followed. This way. But when the robot follows the pagination links. It in turn follows the elements that it finds linked on those pages.

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