February 29, 2024
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Kinsta’s report on market share

┬áResponsive design An aspect that is not always taken into account and that is essential in the design of professional web pages is its adaptation to mobile devices . Currently, more than half of the visits received by large search engines already come from mobile phones and 57% of the total time spent by users is done from smartphones and tablets Kinsta’s report on according to and mobile vs desktop usage . Thus, the design of professional web pages must be adapted to navigate from any type of mobile device in addition to the computer itself.


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Usability The user is the one who is going to navigate your website and the experience they obtain from it is essential. If a website is not intuitive and Cambodia WhatsApp Number Data the user gets lost among. Its sections and does not find what he is looking for. He will leave and will never return. Therefore, usability and architecture must be very. Well thought out creating a professional website . Loading time Loading time is a very important aspect. Since Google penalizes websites that take more than four minutes to load.

 It seems like a short time

But it is enough for all the contents of the website to be displayed . Its speed may vary depending on different aspects, but the one that matters to us Cambodia Whatsapp Number here is the server issue. Before starting to create a professional website. Kinsta’s report oncheck the hosting characteristics and assess the size of the hosting you need. Furthermore talking about charging time, a series of considerations must be taken. Quality Hosting: Choose a high-quality web hosting service that suits the needs of your site. Image optimization: Compress images to reduce their size without compromising visual quality.

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