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The european court of human rights has in fact

Improve their positioning” among search results.The european court of human special data  rights has in fact acquitted estonia for having fined an influential estonian information site.

The facts: in 2006 the portal had published an article on some controversial choices of a shipping company. A text at the origin of defamatory and threatening comments by anonymous users of the site towards the shipping company. The company filed a lawsuit against the site and then obtained moral damages.The judges of the court. With the acquittal sentence. Considered that freedom of expression was not violated in the specific case. Underlining that the site managers were the only ones who could control and manage users’ comments and with the choice to guarantee their anonymity they have in fact assumed responsibility for it. 

The judges did not accept the portal's defense

The judges did not accept the portal’s defense argument according to which the shipping company should have taken legal action against the authors of the comments. In fact. They do not believe BM Leads that this burden should be borne by the injured party nor that this opportunity would have offered full protection to the injured party’s rights.In short. Food for thought on the subject of offensive content on the web (also interesting for the implications for social networks). But also in the context of identifying the figures to whom responsibility can be attributed without compromising freedom of expression online.

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