February 27, 2024
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Fundamental to ensuring the safety of the vehicle, the linings are among the most important components of the brake system, as they are precisely what contribute to agile, controlled, predictable and safe deceleration. Therefore, we creat this content to talk about the right time to change the brake lining. Our objective is to offer a complete view of the topic, explaining what the function of the brake lining is, what the main signs of problems are and, finally, when is the ideal time to change the item. So, don’t miss out and follow along.

What are they and what is the function

The linings are present in all drum brake systems, in older vehicles the lining was rive to another part known on the market as a brake pad, when it wears out it is possible to replace the lining by reusing the pad, as long as it be in good condition. In more modern vehicles, the linings are glued to the pad and are known as brake shoes. When Switzerland WhatsApp Number Data they show wear, the set is replace, the lining plus the pad. The operation of the tarpaulin and shoe is quite simple. Basically, when the driver activates the brake, pressing the pedal, this pressure displaces the brake fluid through the internal ducts and the cylinders press the linings against the brake drums, transmitting the force exerted on the pedal and ensuring that the vehicle stops smoothly.


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When to change your car’s brake lining?

Like every component, the canvas suffers natural wear and tear with use. That is why it is so important to comply with the scheduled inspection and maintenance schedules, as this ensures that the part is always in good operational condition, without Turkey Phone Number List presenting advanced wear or risk to the operation of the rest of the assembly. Another important point about the brake lining is its contamination, leaking brake cylinders or wheel seals can contaminate the linings and this will cause a practically total loss of braking efficiency.

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