February 27, 2024
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Techniques for Walking in the Rain

Techniques It started to drizzle, the asphalt became damp, and out of nowhere, man! A fall. What explains this? It was probably traces of oil that were on the track, and the water released them. How do you avoid this type of accident? Be very careful when riding on wet roads. Racing a motorcycle in the rain is only for athletes on race days. The motorcycle is specially prepared for this track condition, and the riders are highly trained. In everyday life, when it starts to rain, rule number 1 is to reduce your speed, as water makes the asphalt smoother and more slippery. Also, avoid walking on the road signs painted on the asphalt, as they are smoother and become soapy when wet. Also, do not accelerate or brake on them. And, of course, avoid the hallways.


The main item that must be kept up-to-date on rainy days are the tires. If they are bald, don’t even venture out of the France WhatsApp Number Data house, as the risks of a fall increase exponentially. In addition, the lights must all be in order: headlight, turn signals, flashlight, and brake light. In the rain, visibility is impaired, so it is important to keep the bike as visible as possible. Even if all the lights are in order, increasing visibility on rainy days is always a good option. Therefore, try to wear clothes with reflective stickers, such as jackets and boots. Additionally, wear waterproof, comfortable clothing that keeps your body temperature warm.


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