February 27, 2024
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Technology in helmets brings more safety and comfort.

On large cinema screens, helmets such as Iron Man’s may soon appear on the market, which, in addition to protecting the head against possible blows, allow for broad connectivity, increased visibility for the motorcyclist, and also greater visibility in traffic. Check out the article about technology in helmets! Helmets with a broad technological load already exist, especially in military aviation, but they cost thousands of dollars, something that only a few could afford. However, the industry is already working on prototypes that promise to revolutionize the motorcycle helmet market.

How much does an electric car cost?

How much does an electric car cost? The cheapest on sale in the Brazilian market is the Chery, for R$139,990. You can buy two Fiat India WhatsApp Number Data  and still have almost R$11,000 left over. However, there is one calculation that every consumer must do before investing in an electric vehicle today: the cost of operation and maintenance. The fact is that electric vehicles have much lower operating and maintenance costs than thermal vehicles with internal combustion engines. After all, electric engines eliminate a series of complications, such as fuel prices, oil and filter changes, and cooling system care, among others.


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A driver who drives 200 km per day spends

A driver who drives 200 km per day spends R$74 per day to fuel his car. In one year, he will spend R$27,010 on gasoline. In an India Phone Numbers electric car, the daily cost would be R$16, and the annual cost would be R$5,840, a difference of R$21,170. Under these conditions, the electric car from Chery would compensate for the difference in acquisition cost in just under 4 years, compared to the Fiat Moby Trekking. If the driver drives half that, 100 km per day, the time would double to 8 years. And, for someone who drives an average of 50 km per day, it would take 16 years to make up the difference in acquisition cost.

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