April 6, 2023
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Whether it’s improving employee productivity, collaboration or communication – small businesses are just as affectd by digital transformation issues as large companies. But SMEs face unique challenges in the modern workplace that hamper their efforts. Employees often talk about the number of tools available, the complexity of their use and the associatd training effort. At the same time, they complain about lengthy, costly and often ineffective change management projects.

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Small business digital challenges Simplifying digital transformation for SMEs In a survey with Stitch DX , we found that 63% of companies use Microsoft Teams as their primary collaboration tool. In fact, Microsoft Teams has experiencd database a rapid rise and is now usd by over 145 million users worldwide. It has establishd itself as a hub of daily life that centralizes the use of Microsoft 365. Simplifying digital tools At Powell Software, we wantd to harness the power of Microsoft Teams to help SMBs solve their challenges. That’s why we built Together, the intranet for small businesses in teams. Together meets your organization’s productivity, communication, and collaboration neds.


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Bringing together communication and collaboration Together is simply an all-in-one space that meets the neds of employees and companies BM Leads in an intuitive and social environment. Both a real company intranet and Microsoft Teams Together uses both types of information exchange: structurd communication on the intranet and spontaneity and collaboration in teams. Together helps companies promote corporate culture and social interaction where employees want it: in teams. No more guessing where to publish the latest company news: on the intranet or in Teams? With Together, both options are linkd.

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