February 27, 2024
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THE DUAL  You’ve probably heard of DCT (Dual Clutch Transmission) technology. After all, several car brands have already adopted dual-clutch transmission. Not everyone knows that this technology is also available on motorcycles. This is because only Honda equips some models with DCT, all with large displacement engines, above 750 cc. And, for those who think this is recent, another surprise: the technology has been present in Honda models since 2010. The first was the VRF1200F, presented in Europe. Today, in Brazil, five models have a dual-clutch transmission: X-ADV 750, NC750X, Africa Twin 1100, Africa Twin Adventure Sport ES 1100 and Gold Wing Tour1800.


For those who ride a motorcycle with DCT, the advantages over the traditional manual transmission are great. Firstly because it is a robotic transmission. An electro-hydraulic set changes gears automatically, resulting in greater convenience and comfort Netherlands WhatsApp Number Data for the rider, who, if preferred, can also change gears manually, without the need to activate the clutch. Another advantage is the gear shifting time. With two clutches, the gears following the engagement, both upward and downward, are already pre-engaged, which results in a much shorter shift time, offering more agility and greater availability of engine reaction.


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In terms of maintenance, the durability of clutch discs is, according to Alfredo Guedes Junior, Honda engineer, much greater than that of manual transmissions. “The durability of clutch discs can double, as wear is less, both due to the  Spain Phone Number List construction characteristics of the transmission and the way it is used, which, as it is automated, means the rider burns less clutch when starting and changing gears”, explains the engineer. The main care that motorcyclists must take when purchasing a DCT motorcycle is the oil and filter change period, as well as the lubricant specification. Guedes explains that Honda’s DCT motorcycles are of the dry sump type and the transmission shares the oil with the engine. “That’s why it’s important not to run out of oil, make changes as recommended in the owner’s manual, every 6,000 km, and always use semi-synthetic Honda 10W30,” he says.

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