February 27, 2024
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THE MIRACLES Nissan presented the world with a dirt-free car. It was such a frisson. Practically all media outlets reported the news. It’s a shame that it was just a prototype that soon fell into the automaker’s oblivion. Despite this, the technology exists and can be acquired by anyone interested in applying extra protection to their car’s paintwork. It is a coating with polymetric nanoparticles that repel water and oil from the surface where the product is applied, making it waterproof. In the case of Nissan, Ultra Ever Dry, manufactured by North American UltraTech International, was used. This product, however, can be applied to practically any utensil you want to waterproof, such as concrete blocks, rawhide gloves, boots, metal, plastics, in short, almost everything.


The new Nissan Versa is now bigger, more comfortable and more expensive. It stopped being a popular vehicle and took up the space left by the Sentra, a higher segment model that stopped being sold in Brazil. There are pros and cons to this USA WhatsApp Number Data strategy. The pros are that consumers loyal to the brand got an upgrade, however, this comes at a cost… By: Alexandre Akashi What was once a popular car is now a model that costs over R$100,000. The entry-level version, 1.6 Sense CVT, starts at R$ 101,990, the intermediate 1.6 Advance.

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At the wheel

The experience with the new Versa was pleasant. The car is soft and smooth, large and comfortable. However, we missed the manual gearshift option. The CVT has 6 virtual gears that come into action whenever the driver presses the Germany Telegram Number accelerator pedal. Despite this, the new Versa has a very interesting feature: at 120 km/h the engine is at just over 2000 rpm, which means an excellent level of fuel consumption. In our standard consumption test, at a constant 80 km/h, with air conditioning on for a 12 km journey, the on-board computer recorded consumption of 17.3 km/l, with ethanol. Not bad. Another interesting feature of the Versa is the turning diameter of just 10.6m, which makes it possible to perform half-turn maneuvers in narrow spaces, without the need to go back and forth several times.

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