February 27, 2024
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THE STRIKING  been a while since JAC Motors stopped being a brand that merely made popular cars, as it was 10 years ago when it debuted in Brazil with the JAC J3, the complete car. Now, it has an extensive line of electric vehicles and a few gasoline SUV models, such as the T60. Restyled in 2021, the medium SUV gained a futuristic design with a high hood and Fiat Toro-style optical assembly, with headlights positioned below the DLRs—daytime driving lights—at the ends of the front grille.

We evaluated the 2022 model.

in the top-of-the-line version, PACK3, which costs R$152,990 and has exclusive accessories such as a sunroof, leather seats, a light projector on the doors, and a Iran WhatsApp Number Data digital panel. The evolution of JAC vehicles is undeniable. In addition to the striking design, the T60 features a sophisticated, engaging, functional, balanced, and very sober interior, despite the huge 10.25-inch screen of the multimedia center, right in the center of the console. The interior space is good and comfortable for five adult occupants.


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The driving position of the T60 reminds

The driving position of the T60 reminds us of older cars, when you could see the hood of the car in front. But this only happens when the seat is completely down. When lifting it, the driving position is like in most cars, with no view of the hood. With Iran Phone Number List this engine and gearbox configuration, the T60 proved to be pleasant to drive. It has good agility in everyday traffic, and, even though it’s a medium SUV, it doesn’t get tired on long journeys.


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