February 27, 2024
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What is the tire number for?

What is identify the technical characteristics of the tire, such as size, load capacity and maximum permitted speed. Numbering can also provide information about the tread design, tire structure and other relevant characteristics. This information is important because it helps ensure that the tire matches the vehicle manufacturer’s specifications and is suitable for the car. Incorrectly number tires can negatively affect the safety, drivability and performance of the vehicle. Furthermore, using tires with the wrong number can invalidate the car’s warranty and increase the risk of accidents.

What do tire numbers mean?

Tire numbering is a series of numbers and letters print on the side of the tire that provide information about its technical characteristics. Let’s look at a hypothetical example about tire numbering and its meaning: P215/65R15 95H The digits Singapore WhatsApp Number Data and letters in the tire number mean the following: P: indicates that it is a passenger tire; 215: the width of the tire in millimeters; 65: the tire profile, that is, the height of the sidewall in relation to the width. The profile is expressed as a percentage of the tire width; A: informs that the tire is of radial construction; 15: the diameter of the rim in inches; 95: the maximum load allow by the tire, measu in kilos; H: the maximum speed allowed by the tire, measured in km/h. The letter H means that the tire can be use at speeds of up to 210km/h.


WhatsApp Number List


Tradewear numbering, what does it mean?

Tradewear numbering tends to confuse some vehicle owners and cause doubts in others. Well, it is related to the durability of the tire, which can vary from 60 to 700. Here, it is worth mentioning that the higher this number, the longer the Vietnam Phone Number List useful life of the product. For example, a tire with tradewear 400 means that it has twice the durability compared to a tradewear 200 tire. These measurements do not arise by chance, as they come from research carried out on special test tracks.

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