November 20, 2023
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The were appropriate conditions for development, which is conducive to the formation of coherent informal groups and building a positive organizational climate, but at the same time generates higher expenses. Internal employer branding Employer branding – internal and external – is easiest to understand on specific examples. Internal employer branding examples of activities An example of employer branding (internal and external), which was part of the rebranding, is the metamorphosis of the BP brand. Formerly it was a British Petroleum company. In a world focuse more and more on renewable energy sources, the very name discourage both the brand and the fact of taking a job in it. 

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The company change its logo and shortene its name. Then, it directe a campaign to employees and customers, in which it avoide associations with gasoline production and declare that it also had other initiatives. After the end of the campaign addresse to employees, an opinion survey was conducte among them. It turne out that 76 percent. People were positive photo editor about the new incarnation of the company, 80 percent. supporte the new values, and 90 percent thought the company was heade in the right direction. This belief binds the employee to the company and increases their pride in working in a given place.

Integration workshops in a facility

Who perfectly complements the work of others, and who generates unnecessary tension. Take care of team integration and encourage teamwork. This will not only result in an increase in job satisfaction, but also increase employees’ self-control. Internal employer branding Key areas in internal employer branding Internal employer branding is aime at current employees. Its aim is to reuce employee BM Leads turnover and increase the team’s satisfaction with the employment conditions offere by the company and with the overall functioning of the brand. We distinguish several areas of the internal EB.

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