Visual storytelling: what it is and how to achieve it

Elements, tools and advantages of visual storytelling. To show and tell your brand and your products. Two elements are innate in all of us: learning through images and learning from the stories we are told. This happens because images are detected and understood much faster than written text . Think, they are processed about 60,000 times faster -. As for stories , well, just ask us how many things we learned before we even learned to read? It is so true? Visual storytelling acts precisely on these two aspects. Which have always been present in man. Not just a current trend, therefore, but a real tool . Precious and effective, to be included and exploited in your corporate communication strategy .

What is visual storytelling?

Just as storytelling organizes and constructs a story.  Latest Database Visual storytelling creates a narrative through images . Visual storytelling, through the suggestive effect and immediate impact of images. Aims to produce an entire imaginary in which the public can recognize and identify with. But this is not enough. The empathy and involvement generated by the graphic elements must be supported. By a structured story . This is why you cannot ignore a strategy. The image itself is a pretext. You have to produce an entire narrative imaginary . Made up of symbols and models typical of a historical period and a civilization. With which people can identify. Doing visual storytelling means giving your message not through a commercial. But using inbound marketing techniques . 

Elements that characterize the visual story

The stories often follow the same narrative path. BM Leads  An example of a scheme or plot is: initial equilibrium situation . An event occurs that breaks this equilibrium (usually a conflict. Or a breaking point), unexpected events develop to deal with this new situation. Finally, a new one is re-established balance . The characters move within this structure: from the hero , to the antagonist , up to the helper or the extras. These are ingredients that can vary from story to story but to convey a good story, they cannot be missing. This also applies to visual storytelling. If you don’t want to risk telling a story without there actually being a story.

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