What are KPIs in digital marketing

Organic sessions It is impossible to proce with the list of the best digital marketing KPIs without referring to the positioning of the web pages obtain from on-page SEO . There are those who proce randomly by focusing on high-volume keywords but without real usefulness. But those who deal with CRO know well that it is not enough. There is a ne for a personaliz website analysis and an SEO strategy to first identify the right pages to position. then the keywords to attack with the right strategies and finally the SEO KPIs. ROAS That is. the return on advertising spend . the return on investments in relation to advertising. This parameter is fundamental because it allows us to evaluate the optimization of campaigns.

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For example. if you are working with Google Ads you must evaluate the maximum optimization of the settings in terms of targeting and creativity of the ads . But you also have to take care of the landing pages. the UX. This way you can increase the chances that each visitor will turn into a possible customer. Must Read: Improving User Experience How to track digital marketing KPIs There are various tools to extrapolate data. obtain the best key performance indicators and work to proce in terms of CRO. Or conversion special data  rate optimization. But to get answers from KPIs you ne to simplify the work of extrapolating and cleaning the data. Collecting software is not enough: we ne a platform that can simplify this process.

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This is why I creat a dashboard for monitoring SEO parameters – performance. conversions. ranking – which will allow you to have everything under control. extrapolating the fundamental KPIs to improve your projects that aim for the first position for the keywords that really matter.The world of ecommerce analytics is not only indispensable for those who want to sell online: it is also complex, full of insights and references to the subjects that deal with performance BM Leads  optimization, Those who do not measure and monitor the performance of their digital store have a short life.

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