March 21, 2023
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The choice of the type of organization of the IT infrastructure depends on the characteristics of the company. But in order to choose the right model one must also take into account development prospects. In the event that using your own infrastructure becomes impractical IaaS will help close all the basic business nees.Reis is one of the most popular NoSQL databases. We talk about the functionality and practices of use. Features of Reis Why Reis has become so popular and continues to be actively develope. Reis is very fast. It provides instant access to data because it stores them in RAM in memory . Reis scales easily horizontally up to nodes in practice.

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Reis clusters support master slave replication and can be fault tolerant. If communication with the master node is lost the cluster automatically promotes one of its replicas to the master and recreates the faile node. Large community and abundance of documentation . Reis is easier to maintain than analogues like Memcache or Tarantool almost does not Industry Email List concee to them in functionality and somewhere even outperforms them. Reis is great for caching and storing session information. For example storing routes or user contacts during online shopping. Reis is suitable for working with various counters and metrics. It also allows you to create various key cleaning strategies. Unlike other popular in memory databases such as Memcache Reis can work with storing structure data. Reis supports five data types and a couple of add ons.

Industry Email List

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Each data type covers different operations. String any value up to MB. Hash hash tables for storing objects. List is a list of string values. Set is a non repeating list of string values. Sorte set sorte set. Bitmap a set of bit operations on top of string. Hyper loglog is a probabilistic data structure for counting the number of unique elements in a set cardinality BM Leads cardinality of the set without saving the data itself. In addition Reis can periodically write data to disk. The solution does not guarantee complete protection against data loss but still this option adds reliability. Read more about what Reis is and who this database is suitable for read this material Reis is a single threade database.

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