Curate great content

If you have a unique experience, you don’t need to have a lot Curate great  of followers to make it a compelling story. For example, if you teach English in Japan, many people want to hear about your cultural experiences, hiring, finding a room, etc. The best way to distinguish yourself from others on similar podcasts is to use your own personal experiences. People love getting advice from friends, and by using your own voice and story, you can build friendship loyalty and trust. The story you tell can be anything from an embarrassing story about how you figured out a train to the time you accidentally confused two words that meant very different things.

Record Curate great the experiment

Some of the most popular podcast topics are  category email list everyday people talking about exciting things they’ve done or tried. For example, you can try a different type of cuisine every week and report on it. For B2B marketers, recording experiments is a great way to attract high-level audiences. If you are a brand new content marketer and want to create a content marketing podcast, you can take the advice of one influencer and report your results. For example, you can try the content promotion tactics preached by content marketing influencers like Unhandly. Then report back on how it worked and what you would have done differently.

catagory email list

Invite other experts

Interviewing other experts is a great way to leverage Bm Leads  their authority and audience to build your channel. However, if you don’t currently have an audience, it can be difficult to get your first few high-level guests. Nevertheless, it is not impossible. The best way to start is by leveraging your personal connections. For example, Eric Siu grew his Level Up podcast from zero to over 2 million downloads per month. Many of the early episodes were from relationships he already had. Another great way to get experts is to interview people at conferences. You can connect with them directly and ask to set up a time. If you don’t have a personal connection and can’t attend a meeting, you can always send a personalized cold email to a mid-level influencer. 

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